Study Shows Bone Fluoride Levels Not Associated with Osteosarcoma

Alexandria, VA, USA – July 28, 2011 The International and American Associations for Dental Research have released in its a study that investigated bone fluoride levels in individuals with osteosarcoma, which is a rare, primary malignant bone tumor that is more prevalent in males. Since there has been controversy as to whether there is an association between fluoride and risk for osteosarcoma, the purpose of this study, titled “An Assessment of Bone Fluoride and Osteosarcoma,” was to determine if bone fluoride levels were higher in individuals with osteosarcoma.

This study, like hundreds before it, demonstrates our continued commitment to investigate every reasonable concern about fluoride. Our first priority is always to ensure that community water  fluoridation remains our best and safest means to protect our teeth from needless decay and our children from needless suffering.

News Release:  Study shows bone fluoride levels not associated with Osteosarcoma

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