Take Action

Fluoridation – Play a part in improving dental health

This is an important public health issue, and you can help!

How you can take action

  1. Make sure dental health is recognized as a part of overall health.

    Raise the issue of dental health as part of overall health in letters or e-mail to your elected and appointed officials, in school settings, and within organizations such as public health and human service agencies. If you don’t bring it up, who will?

  2. Find out about your community.

    To find out if your community’s water supply is fluoridated, call your local water district or visit the Is My Water Fluoridated? page.

  3. Fluoridate!

    If you live in an area without fluoridated water, a short-term solution is to ask your doctor about fluoride supplements, particularly for children between the ages of 6 months and 16 years.

  4. Support current local fluoridation campaigns.

    For a long-term measure to address dental disease, speak out for everyone in your community – especially children and seniors – by supporting fluoridation efforts within your community.