Mother“I am proud of my family’s healthy lifestyle and yet my children have needed a lot of dental work. I grew up in a fluoridated city and never had this kind of dental decay. All kids need the benefits of fluoridation, no matter where they live.”

– Mother of three, Washington State



“Kids with poor dental health miss more school, can be more distracted and can even have speech problems. As a teacher, I see first-hand how dental health can affect a child’s ability to learn and succeed. Our children deserve every health protection available.”

– 6th Grade Teacher, Seattle, WA


“As a doctor, I support community fluoridation because I know that good dental health is connected to overall health. In fact, children with dental disease are more likely to face other serious health problems. In my mind, fluoridation is a no-brainer for the better health of our community.”
– MD, Retired, Family Physician, Anacortes