Fluoridation Benefits

It’s simple – drinking fluoridated water fights tooth decay.

Communities with fluoridated drinking water are healthier.

Regardless of age, income or education, optimally fluoridated drinking water benefits whole communities by strengthening tooth enamel and even preventing early tooth decay. Fluoridation is the best and most effective way to provide fluoride’s dental health benefits to everyone in our community, including children and adults – especially seniors.

Nearly every large city and more than 195 million Americans receive the dental health benefits of fluoridation. In communities with fluoridated water, rates of dental disease are dramatically lower, and recent research links improved dental health to better overall health.1 In other words, healthy teeth mean a healthier you.

Water fluoridation is economical.

Depending upon the size of the community, public water fluoridation costs between $0.50 and $3.00 per person annually.7 The benefits of water fluoridation can help save scarce health care dollars for families, businesses and taxpayers.

Getting the fluoride you need to be healthy is easy.

This simple and safe public health measure protects and promotes dental health throughout your entire life, and all you have to do is drink water.

Fluoridation Facts

  • Nearly every large city in the U.S. fluoridates its water supply.
  • All water sources naturally contain fluoride, but most do not contain enough to maintain adequate dental health.
  • Based on 65 years of scientific research, fluoridation is regarded by experts as one of the most effective public health achievements in the last 100 years.
  • Studies show up to a 40 percent reduction in cavities following community water fluoridation.2
  • Fluoride effectively helps control and heal early signs of tooth decay.
  • Teeth benefit from fluoride when they are exposed to a tiny yet regular supply of fluoride (1 part per million fluoride in water).3
  • Cavities affect 50 percent of first graders and 80 percent of 17 year-olds.4
  • Every $1 invested in community water fluoridation yields approximately $38 savings in dental treatment costs.5